Senate candidate Kennedy paying blogger Brodkorb $4583 per month as "part-time consultant"

Perhaps the most interesting item in this Minnesota Monitor profile of blogger Michael Brodkorb is Brodkorb's admission that he is paid $4583 per month--which works out to four bucks less than $55,000 per year--to be a part-time press consultant for U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kennedy's campaign.

Brodkorb frequently cites his role in Kennedy's campaign when posting items about the U.S. Senate race that polls show Kennedy is losing by a wide margin to DFL challenger Amy Klobuchar. And while the MDE blog is appropriately regarded as place where no attack seems too petty or vile when it comes to belittling Minnesota Democrats, Brodkorb should also be credited with providing a forum for some of the most spirited, and occasionally enlightening, political debates regarding state political issues and candidates. DFL empathizers frequently weigh in to defend their side.

But Minnesota Monitor raises some good points about how difficult it is for a paid consultant to keep his work completely separate from his partisan blog. And another DFL-leaning blog, Mn Publius, recently published a report from the campaign of Michelle Bachmann showing that Brodkorb was paid $5500 for work on her campaign. Brodkorb didn't acknowledge this conflict when posting an item on MDE about Bachmann's race with DFL challenger Patty Wetterling for the U.S. House seat Kennedy is vacating to run for the Senate.

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