Sen. Gretchen Hoffman apologizes for Twitter snafu, deletes entire account

After using Twitter to twist the words of DFL state Sen. Barb Goodwin beyond their meaning, and getting spanked by the Senate Ethics Committee as a result, GOP Sen. Gretchen Hoffman has now apologized.

"I am certainly sorry for my own misunderstanding of what you said and how I subsequently handled it," Hoffman says in an official letter.

And in what looks like a shot at a fresh start with the whole social media thing, she has also wiped out her old Twitter account, @gretchenmh, offending tweet and all.

She didn't need to do that. The ethics committee only required her to remove the single tweet. But Hoffman evidently figured she'd throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Here's a screenshot of offending tweet, in which she accuses Goodwin of calling mentally ill people "imbeciles and idiots," in case you missed it.

Sen. Gretchen Hoffman apologizes for Twitter snafu, deletes entire account

Videotape of the debate shows that's not what Goodwin said at all. Quite the opposite: She was arguing that mentally ill folks not be treated like idiots and imbeciles.

Either Hoffman wasn't paying attention, or she was just engaging in a little bit of political hackery. Either way, she came out with egg on her face.

Maybe she'll be more careful with her new Twitter account, @Gretchenmh1, which so far only provides a link to the ethics committee's resolution -- as it required in its ruling.

Subcommittee on Ethical Conduct's Resolution in response to complaints submitted by Senator Rest can be found here: Jun 16 20:21:58 via web


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