Sen. David Hann calls Archbishop Nienstedt a socialist for caring about the poor


Eden Prairie GOP Sen. David Hann is on a tear because Archbishop John Nienstedt is following Catholic social teaching and sticking up for poor people.

In a vitriolic letter, he's accusing Nienstedt of endorsing "the socialist fiction that it is a moral necessity to take the property of the 'wealthy' under the assumption that those resources are better used by politicians and bureaucrats than by the individuals who earn them."


Nienstedt's offense? A letter of his own to Gov. Mark Dayton, asking him to avoid making the lives of poor people even worse by gutting services to the poor during budget-cutting negotiations related to the looming shutdown.

"I pray for you daily that you will find common the common ground that will protect the common good," Nienstedt wrote. "Increasing the depth and breadth of poverty is bad fiscal policy and bad economic policy."

Hann, who last got our attention because he thinks parents need more control over children who are victims of incest, blames the poor for their own predicament. He thinks they lack the moral and cultural goodness of folks with more money in their pockets.

We're assuming he's OK with it when "resources are better used by politicians and bureaucrats" when they pay for the roads, police, parks and other amenities in his wealthy suburban Twin Cities district.