Seifert wins Minn. GOP straw poll

Seifert wins Minn. GOP straw poll

The Republican State Party convention this weekend included an early glimpse into a potential candidate for the 2010 governor's race. State Rep. Marty Seifert won the straw poll Saturday with 454 votes (37 percent of the vote), easily taking the lead over second place state Rep. Tom Emmer who had 283 votes. Former State Auditor Pat Anderson took third, state Sen. David Hann came in fourth, none was fifth and state Rep. Paul Kohls came in sixth.

So how is Seifert winning over Republicans? He told the crowd he was conservative before conservative was "cool." Huh, that's a new one.

More from the Pioneer Press:

In his speech to the convention, Seifert stressed his conservative bona fides. "I was conservative before conservative was cool," he said.

But he also said he has demonstrated that he can appeal to independent and Democratic voters by winning seven elections in a competitive House district. Those voters respond to "plain-spoken, common-sense leadership," he said.

If elected, "Job No. 1 is jobs," he said. To create jobs, he called for cutting taxes and reducing government regulation of businesses.

View the full list of vote totals for the nine-person straw poll here. The delegates also voted for their second choice.

Straw polls typically are used to find frontrunners and possible candidates setting themselves up for endorsement, but the Pioneer Press says this one isn't such a good predictor. At least it gives them some good bragging rights for the time being as they try to raise some early cash.

Listen to the speeches from the candidates here.

Let's not forget about former Sen. Norm Coleman, people! He's still a potential GOP candidate that would totally win over Minnesotans.

Coleman's quote, from Minnesota Public Radio:

"I'm doing what I want to do right now but sometime early next year I will reflect on that (run for governor) and if it makes sense for Minneosta, if it makes sense for me and my family then I can move in that direction but I have deliberately not put a lot of thought into it."

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