See which Vikings rock Twitter hardest

The NFL doesn't allow its players to use Twitter from the sidelines, but that doesn't stop some Minnesota Vikings from having a lot to say in 140 characters or less when games and practices are over.

And here's what we wanted to know: Which Vikings rock Twitter the hardest?

There are some simple ways to rank them: Count their followers, and count their tweets. But we also used Twitalyzer to gauge which players have the most impact, and what kind of influence they have on the Twitter field.

Twitalyzer measures impact by combining a user's followers and tweets, as well as how frequently the user is re-tweeted and re-tweets others, and how often the user is referenced. Then it offers a score and a percentile ranking. We're interested in the percentiles.

For example, Greg Lewis has an impact ranking in the 74.2nd percentile. That means he has a higher impact than 74.2 percent of all Twitter users being tracked.

Twitalyzer also identifies three kinds of influencers, but makes no judgment calls about whether one kind is better than another. There are "sources," who have smaller networks and originate ideas. "Spiders" have mid-sized networks and are socially connected. And "suns" have large networks of first-level connections.

Bryant McKinney, for example, is classified as a "spider."

We found 20 Vikes with pubic Twitter accounts -- Brett Favre is not among them -- and put them to the test. Here's what we found out, as of Saturday before the pre-season win over Seattle. Note: Twitalyzer doesn't rank a user if they haven't tweeted in the past seven days.

  • Most Followers: Jared Allen, 41,392
  • Least Followers: Adrian Battles, 269
  • Most Tweets: Bryant McKinney, 22,837
  • Least Tweets: E.J. Henderson, 18
  • Highest Impact: Bernard Berrian, 97.6th percentile
  • Lowest Impact: Chris Kluwe and Adrian Battles (tie), 46.7th percentile

Here's how all 20 Vikings players performed on the Twitter field, in alphabetical order, with links to their Twitter pages:

Jared Allen Tweets: 87 Followers: 41,392 Impact: 95.4th percentile Influencer Type: Source

Adrian Battles Tweets: 2,144 Followers: 269 Impact: 46.7th Percentile Influencer Type: Spider

Bernard Berrian Tweets: 14,065 Followers: 13,109 Impact: 97.6th Percentile Influencer Type: Spider

Jasper Brinkley Tweets: 317 Followers: 1,381 Impact: 50.2nd Percentile Influencer Type: Source

Chris DeGeare Tweets: 1,560 Followers: 581 Impact: 50.2nd Percentile Influencer Type: Spider

Fred Evans Tweets: 1,567 Followers: 274 Impact: 68th Percentile Influencer Type: Spider

E.J. Henderson Tweets: 18 Followers: 2,581 Impact: N/A (Hasn't tweeted anything on his official account since last December) Influencer Type: N/A

Erin Henderson Tweets: 2,116 Followers: 2,907 Impact: 73rd Percentile Influencer Type: Source

Tarvaris Jackson Tweets: 70 Followers: 3,015 Impact: N/A (Hasn't tweeted anything on this account since Aug. 19) Influencer Type: N/A

Jaymar Johnson Tweets: 74 Followers: 1,812 Impact: 58.7th Percentile Influencer Type: Source

Chris Kluwe Tweets: 79 Followers: 407 Impact: 46.7th Percentile Influencer Type: Spider

Greg Lewis Tweets: 230 Followers: 829 Impact: 74.2nd Percentile Influencer Type: Source

Rhys Lloyd Tweets: 3,292 Followers: 2,482 Impact: 61st Percentile Influencer Type: Source

Bryant McKinnie Tweets: 22,837 Followers: 20,034 Impact: 97.6th Percentile Influencer Type: Spider

Kenny Onatolu Tweets: 121 Followers: 335 Impact: N/A (Hasn't tweeted anything on this account since Aug. 17) Influencer Type: N/A

Sidney Rice Tweets: 822 Followers: 29,437 Impact: 97.3rd Percentile Influencer Type: Source

Brian Robison Tweets: 726 Followers: 1,035 Impact: 60.9th Percentile Influencer Type: Spider

Jamarca Sanford Tweets: 897 Followers: 1,569 Impact: 74.2nd Percentile Influencer Type: Source

Visanthe Shiancoe Tweets: 3,572 Followers: 22,504 Impact: 94.5th Percentile Influencer Type: Source

Albert Young Tweets: 1,614 Followers: 1,566 Impact: 62.9th Percentile Influencer Type: Source

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