See It: Tune in to HIV

In drawing up the sketches for PosiTV, Patrick Scully wanted to think outside the box. "The landscape of being gay and being HIV-positive is very complex," the Minneapolis artist and actor says, "and I wanted to reflect that reality."

The result is an odd mix of real-life commentary and campy humor in video form. With a grant from Hennepin County, Scully produced 1,000 copies of the hour-long program for distribution in the Twin Cities. Featuring cameo appearances by such locals as Miss Richfield and former International Mr. Leather Kevin Cwayna, the production touches on subjects ranging from sex to drug cocktails, its tone swinging from silly to serious with each new sketch. Scully and actor Eric Gupton star in most scenes.

(Free copies of the video are available at A Brother's Touch Books, Clinic 42, the Minnesota AIDS Project, and Rainbow Road.)

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