Season's first snow snarls morning commute with collisions

Two snow plow collisions. Accidents in the double-digits. Yep, it's that time again: The Twin Cities' first snow fall of the season, and also the first round of remembering how to drive in the fluffy white stuff.

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Traffic throughout the metro slowed to a crawl this morning as commuters confronted icy intersections, frozen windshield wipers, and our first real snow accumulations -- set to hit between three and six inches by tonight. (In northeastern Minnesota, towns like Two Harbors have already gotten a whopping 28 inches, per MPR, and in Duluth, 16 inches).

By the close of morning rush hour today, the State Patrol was at work on 13 accidents in the metro area, including one on I-94 in Minneapolis, and another two on I-94 in St. Paul. Meanwhile, reports the Star Tribune's "The Drive" blog, two cars collided with snow plows.

For bus riders, the delays were quantifiable: An average of 12 minutes at 8:30 a.m., Metro Transit announced, with 37 percent of buses on time. By 10 a.m., 50 percent of buses were on track, but the average delay had dropped just one minute.

The storm's flurries first hit state-wide on Monday, and caused four fatal car crashes on day one, according to numbers from the state Office of Traffic Safety.

In other words: If you have to drive today, stay slow out there.

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