Sean Janas, Wisconsin resident, systematically tortured boyfriend's dog to death, charges say

If the allegations are true, Janas makes Michael Vick look like a caring dog owner.
If the allegations are true, Janas makes Michael Vick look like a caring dog owner.

Sean Janas, a 20-year-old resident of Wausau, kept a diary about systematically torturing her boyfriend's dog to death, prosecutors say.

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She now faces felony animal cruelty charges that could land her in prison for five years, but many animal rights advocates think that isn't enough.

Janas made a court appearance yesterday and indicated she won't be challenging any of the charges. According to Wisconsin's CBS 6, Janas allegedly poured Drano and bleach down the throat of Mary, a 4-year-old Labrador/shepherd mix (pictured above) that finally died in June after months of torture. Janas also allegedly stabbed the dog with a knife.

The Associated Press, citing a criminal complaint, reports that "Janas kept a diary with entries describing her intense hatred for Mary... the diary also detailed the abuse Janas inflicted on the dog."

Wednesday's hearing brought out about 100 animal rights advocates who demonstrated outside the courtroom as part of a "March for Mary."

From the Wausau Daily Herald:

A line of protesters circled the courthouse before and after the court hearing in support of Mary, and drivers blew horns as cars passed the demonstrators. Some who marched carried signs, and many took their dogs to the demonstration. Kelli Obremski, 42, of Mosinee took her dog, a 1-year-old boxer named Parker. And Obremski's two sons, Ben, 13, and Tanner, 15, took the morning off school to participate.

"We don't have tough enough laws that protect animals, and I believe vets should have to report any suspected abuse, just like they would in a child," Obremski said. "If (Janas) killed man's best friend, she should get the maximum penalty possible. If the abuse had been reported, I have to wonder if that dog could have been saved."

Almost 50,000 people, inspired by Mary, have signed an online petition asking for tougher animal cruelty penalties, according to the Pierce County Herald.

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