Screw the recession, buy a $3,000 Vikings title ring

Tuesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp: 

Here is a nice last-minute holiday gift for the sports freak in your life: a $3,000 monster of a ring so they can pretend they are actually talented. Here is the description of the ring: "[This] 10K Gold Ring weighs 46-grams and is approximately a size 11.25. Since this ring is made of gold, it can be resized, either two-sizes up or down, without compromising the integrity of the ring. Changing the size of a ring can also affect the value." No original owner is noted.

Minneapolis violent crime drops again


Good news for Minneapolis police: Violent crime dropped 13 percent in 2008 compared with 2007, and 24 percent compared with 2006. Mayor RT Rybak says the decline is attributed to proactive policing, community outreach and youth violence prevention. 

The value of cash and property seized by the state in connection with Minnesota crimes hit a total of $4.32 million in 2007, the state auditor is reporting. And that's after taking out administrative costs. 

A North St. Paul dad allegedly videotaped girls in the bathroom at his 9-year-old daughter's dance studio in Maplewood. The videos included images of young girls entering and leaving the bathroom as well as images inside the bathroom. The man used a briefcase with a hole cut out of it. 

When a man knocked on a St. Paul homeowner's door, claiming his car had broken down and he was freezing, the nice guy let him in the entryway and offered him a ride home. When he turned to grab his keys, the man held the resident at gunpoint, demanding drugs. So much for holiday cheer.

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