Scott Walker under the ethics microscope for new political website

Wisconsin Democrats plan to file an ethics complaint against Gov. Scott Walker today accusing him of using taxpayer money to fund a political website.

Team Walker launched the "Reforms & Results" website yesterday to tout the administration's savings since January.

Coincidentally (right?), this comes just a few weeks before the legal window opens for Walker opponents to petition for a recall election.

Walker's office says the site is designed to inform Wisconsin residents of the new administration's changes, but Democrats call it a cheap campaign strategy.

"You can't use tax payer resources for personal political gain," says Graeme Zielinksi, Democrat party spokesman. "This website is a propaganda tool that has very little basis in fact."

Since he took office, Walker has saved the state of Wisconsin more than $460 million, according to the website.

"Our reforms are working and they're providing positive results for the people of Wisconsin," says Walker in a statement on the site.

But not all of these reforms have been popular with voters. Walker's repeal of collective bargaining rights earlier this year had Wisconsinites calling for Walker's resignation only months after he took office.

Walker's success will be put to the test beginning November 15, when Wisconsin voters will have 60 days to gather the half-million signatures necessary to initiate a recall election.

As Mother Jones reports, a loophole in Wisconsin law could give Walker an edge in the battle to keep his throne. Also beginning November 15, the state's $10,000 donation cap is lifted for 60 days, meaning there's no limit to the amount of donations Walker can accept from his rich friends and supporters.

The Democrats filed the ethics complaint with the Government Accountability Board Tuesday.

"It's plain what's going on," says Zielinksi. "In the face of recall, he's trying to make the case that all of his bizarre-o legislation, all his actions have not done what they've done. And what they've done is exacerbate the jobs crisis. They've made massive cuts to education and healthcare."


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