Scott 'The Human Doing' breaks out at MOA: Top 5 strangest videos

If you spend enough time in the Mall of America, weird stuff is bound to happen. Throw a big glass house in the mix, and just about anything is possible.

In one of the weirdest PR stunts of recent memory, a guy named Scott set out to spend a month living in a glass box at the mega mall, where he would eat healthy meals and exercise regularly for the whole world to witness. The exploit was intended to raise awareness about fighting obesity.

Scott is out of his zoo cage now. The dude apparently lost almost 30 pounds in as many days. And we want to give Scott some credit for having the guts to post some really unflattering videos to the Internet while cooped up in his human-sized terrarium.

We went through and found the highlights for those who didn't spend the last month watching this human exhibit:

1. Meet The Human Doing --To understand the Human Doing, you must first meet the Human Doing.


2. Hoola Hoop-- If only!

3. Yoga Start No Shoes--Exactly what it sounds like. Nothing more, nothing less.

4. March Madness Party--Living in a glass box in the Mall of America isn't going to keep Scott from celebrating March Madness. Check out the party.

5. Single Ladies Dance--Dude's got some moves.

Put a ring on it, Scott!

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