Scott Johnson, Problem Blogger: A Case Study

Scott "the Big Trunk" Johnson, the Powerline blogger and TCF Bank bigwig, let it fly last month after KSTP-TV ran a story critical of his friend Rachel Paulose, the recently installed U.S. Attorney for Minnesota. In a long angry post entitled, "Bob McNaney, Problem Reporter: A Case Study," Johnson pilloried McNaney for his "hit piece" about Paulose's unusually pomp-filled swearing-in ceremony.

Johnson had numerous beefs with McNaney's story, but he seemed most dismayed by "the statement that the U.S. Attorney's office has been in turmoil." He took particular umbrage at McNaney's tally of the number of prosecutors who'd resigned under Paulose's tenure.

"I assume McNaney is responsible for that statement, but it is both false and misleading," Johnson huffed.

Flash forward to yesterday, when Paulose--suddenly under national scrutinty for the resignation of four top staffers in protest of her management style--finally took a break from quoting Bible passages to apologize for the turmoil in her office.

All of which leaves one question for Scott Johnson: How does crow taste, anyway?