Scott Fredin, sex offender, can be a chiropractor and not tell his patients


When Dr. Scott Fredin, a chiropractor, was convicted of sexually assaulting two patients at his office, his license was revoked by the state Board of Chiropractic Examiners. He spent two years in prison for the crimes. Six years later, he has his license back and isn't required to tell his patients about his sketchy past and his status as a registered sex offender.

But thank goodness his probation bans him from buying porn, consuming alcohol, or using the Internet without permission! What a relief. Unfortunately he will still be touching patients and creeping us out.

His only restriction as a chiropractor: He must have someone else in the room when he is working with female patients.

So what did he do to the two women at his Owatonna office back in 2002. You might not want to know. A 22-year-old woman came to an appointment on a Friday and he told her to return for another appointment Saturday morning.

More from the Star Tribune:

The woman quickly realized she and Fredin were alone. Fredin asked the woman to change into a pair of shorts. He began to massage her thigh and genital area. Over the woman's protests, Fredin insisted that she "lay back, close your eyes and relax," according to the criminal complaint. She tried to sit up, but Fredin held her down while he used his fingers to penetrate her vagina. Fredin abruptly apologized and left the room. A few hours after fleeing the clinic, the woman reported the incident to police.

In a second case that led to a conviction, a patient said Fredin fondled her groin and touched the outside of her vagina through a pair of boxer shorts he made her wear. After the woman got off the treatment table, Fredin hugged her, pressing his erect penis against her stomach through his clothes, according to the complaint.

Police had the 22-year-old woman stay in contact with Fredin for the case and recorded their calls. He urged her to stay quiet because he might lose his license. In 2003, he pleaded guilty to two counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct.