Scott Boothman allegedly forced girlfriend to stand outside while wind chill was 30 below

Scott Boothman allegedly put his girlfriend through a NoDak nightmare.
Scott Boothman allegedly put his girlfriend through a NoDak nightmare.

On Sunday night, Scott Boothman, a 44-year-old resident of Warroad, allegedly subjected his girlfriend and her young daughter to a uniquely Upper Midwestern form of terror.

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While driving from Warroad to Grand Forks, North Dakota, Boothman and his girlfriend started arguing. Things escalated to the point where he made his two traveling companions get out of the vehicle and stand outside near an exit on a rural stretch of Interstate 29 exit near Grafton. Temperatures that night would've made an Eskimo shiver, with the wind chill dipping all the way down to 30 below.

Literally left out in the cold, Boothman's girlfriend called 911. But in another loving display of affection, Boothman allegedly tackled her, causing her to roll into the ditch.

According to the Grand Forks Herald, Boothman, his girlfriend, and her daughter then got back in the car and drove away, but thanks to the 911 call, a deputy tailed them. A 100-mile-per-hour high-speed chase ensued, but eventually Boothman decided to pull over. His girlfriend and her daughter "ran frantically from the car, and Boothman was arrested," the Herald reports. Nobody was injured, though police say Boothman's girlfriend had red marks around her neck.

Boothman has been charged with felony counts of reckless endangerment, terrorizing, and interference with an emergency call. Police say he was also under the influence of alcohol when arrested.

It's 142 miles from Warroad to Grand Forks, so all things considered, that sounds like the road trip from hell.

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