Scooby Doo-themed 'Mystery Machine' van crashed into a St. Paul house


Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?

Last night, it looked like you were wandering around the streets of St. Paul, trying to figure out how to solve mysteries if you can't drive around in your sweet custom van. 

It doesn't seem anyone was hurt in this accident, which saw this nostalgia-flavored vehicle, a knockoff of the "Mystery Machine" from the iconic cartoon, crash right into the front of someone's house in east St. Paul.

So, why not have a little fun with it? 

— St. Paul Police PIO (@sppdPIO) May 13, 2016 We're sorry to report that the driver was not a white male wearing an ascot tie, who was cruising through the city trying to solve a ghost-related crime with the aid of several close friends and one stoned dog. 

According to the Star Tribune, the van seems to have been stolen by a couple teenagers who took it out for a joy ride. The owner, who lives in the Payne-Phalen neighborhood, told police he'd last seen the van parked outside his home. 

Later, cops located two suspects. No word on whether they looked like ghosts, but when you pulled off their masks they were just crooked local businessmen trying to make money by scaring people out of east St. Paul.