Science teacher steals guns, sporting goods, sells on Ebay


A former 8th-grade science teacher with a part-time gig at a sporting goods store in Walker apparently swiped some guns and other sporting goods and sold the merchandise on eBay. Now, we know teachers don't get paid that much. But come on.

The story is laid out in the Pioneer Press. The stores started noticing its merchandise showing up on eBay, sold by "mrlatebid." Between 2005 and 2008, about $50,000 in merchandise went missing, according to the PiPress.

The teacher, David Earle Gregoire, was indicted by a federal grand jury on Wednesday. Apparently, he didn't think what he did counted as "stealing." Check this tidbit out from the PiPress:

But when Cass County sheriff's investigator Todd Switajewski and Little Falls Police Chief Mike Pender confronted him with the allegations in a June 2008 interview, Gregoire offered various explanations for taking the items and said he didn't consider what he did to be stealing.

"How would you describe it if not stealing?" Switajewski asked.

"Um, I haven't paid for (it)," Gregoire replied.

Pender seemed incredulous. "Dave, in -- in, ah, um, Minnesota state statutes, that's defined as theft," he noted.

Gregoire laughed. "Right, I understand what you're saying," he said.