Schwan's driver fends off would-be St. Paul hijacker with punches to face, police say

Prepared to Serve... and fend off would-be hijackers.
Prepared to Serve... and fend off would-be hijackers.

An unnamed Schwan's delivery driver was doing his rounds near Battle Creek Regional Park in St. Paul around 3:30 yesterday afternoon when he saw a man waving him down from behind. Thinking the man wanted to buy something, the driver did a U-turn.

Moments later, the presumptive customer apparently tried to hijack the vehicle, which had about $13,000 of product in it. He attempted to jump on-board the still-moving truck and told the driver to get out, the driver told police.

But the Schwan's guy wasn't having any of it. In a scene that sounds reminiscent of an action movie, the driver landed four swift blows to the would-be hijacker's face. The force of the blows was enough to eject the man from the vehicle, and the driver accelerated to put some distance between himself and the would-be 'jacker.

The driver wasn't able to escape without damage, however. As he accelerated, he had to swerve to avoid other vehicles, but he ended up losing control of the truck and slammed into a medium-sized pine tree. According to the Pioneer Press, there is no indication the driver needed medical attention.

His attempt to secure a lifetime's worth of ice cream and frozen pizza thwarted, the would-be hijacker ran from the scene. He wasn't apprehended, but hopefully had to suffer the indignity of going to bed hungry, at least.

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