Schools and church hired sex offender to work with children


Yesterday we mentioned a local choir director and known Twin Cities gospel singer who is charged with allegedly sexually assaulting a teen in the choir. As if that wasn't bad enough, Gregory B. Washington has already been busted doing nearly the same thing at another church.

So how does this happen? How does a registered sex offender end up working in schools and churches? He's been a registered sex offender since 2003, KSTP says.

The Star Tribune also reported that Washington worked in several Minneapolis Public Schools. No one in the district did a background check on him prior to giving him the job.

More from the Strib:

(He) was a contract music teacher in three schools on Minneapolis' North Side, though he was on probation in connection with an earlier sexual assault. Nobody with the district ran a criminal check on Gregory B. Washington before he was hired.

District policy requires contractors to complete background checks on their employees and the district reserves the right to review individual employees records. But in this case, Washington owns Miraculous Music, a music production and education group that contracted to teach at the Jenny Lind Elementary/Olson Middle upper campus and Cityview Elementary School in September.