School of Hard Knocks


Speaking as a former student, I believe this school went downhill when they put in a portal that requires a degree in Information Technology. Ironic, since in order to get the Information Technology degree the portal is required. Then there are the e-books they force both professors and students to use. I doubt the author knows anything about the subject he is covering.

Trying to leave that school is terrible since they constantly harass students who try to leave. They think money grows on trees, and I am constantly flaming their Facebook page. Although flaming is not a good thing, National American University is one of the few exceptions. The students are not the only people dissatisfied with the way the school is going.

The e-book I mentioned earlier has almost no material because students are supposed to click on the links. The books are full of nothing but dead links. Also, people aren't always near a computer so most people bring the books to the school. When printed out, the book has no more than 8 to 10 pages per chapter out of a 10- to 13-chapter book. Also, the e-books have no chapter breaks, which are essential for textbooks. Also, the administration hassles students who try to leave without saying a bad word.

I don't like to say anything negative in someone's presence, but these idiots did not get a clue after constantly hanging up on these morons. This school in fact discouraged me from going to college again because of things like the portal and the curriculum. I am so dissatisfied with the collegiate system that my advice is, just stay working as a construction worker, barista, or janitor. Going to college and university today is a big waste of money, compared to what college was 7 to 10 years ago, when crap like the portal and e-books did not exist at schools.

Charles Woodley

Really? Public colleges and universities cost taxpayers significantly more than the default rates of any "for-profit" institution. How much are taxpayers paying for stadiums? The reason why nonprofits are less expensive than for-profit schools is because they are being heavily subsidized by taxpayers. Every for-profit student saves taxpayers even with higher default rates. What a totally bogus article. But what do you expect coming from such a rag of a paper.


I used to work for National American University and I did nothing but what was in the best interest of students. I agree this is irresponsible reporting, and it is irresponsible of this editor to allow this to be published. Financial aid is never meant to be used for living expenses. It's for education costs only. NAU offers flex scheduling to allow students to work and attend college. Remember, college is not meant to be easy. Many of us worked one or two jobs while trying to get our education, and that includes traditional and nontraditional students. Please be more careful in the future before you listen to one person's bad experience and use it to defame an entire institution.


The author is dead-on in regards to the goals, administration, and slim ethics of these diploma mills. I have worked for three of these local "schools," and the schools' administrations are ruthless about recruiting students who have no chance of achieving any sort of employment outside of fast food. The parents of these pet rocks are the real targets, even though the "students" get the bulk of the sales pitch. That is what the author skirted around, though. The overwhelming majority of the suckers drawn into for-profit "education" are incapable of getting into a real university. They don't have the educational background, the focus, the motivation, or the basic intelligence required to be real students so their clueless parents sign them into Scam U because they have no place else to go.

Here's a clue for anyone wondering if the place they're about to sink their life savings into is for real: Real educational facilities don't have to advertise on late-night television. In fact, real schools have waiting lists, minimum requirements (SAT, ACT scores, achievement evidence, etc.), and they don't accept anyone who has a pulse and a federal loan. Just because you think you are special is no evidence that anyone else will do so, except the for-profit college world. They know you are special as long as you keep writing those checks.

Your comparison to the home mortgage debacle is dead on. There is no way this industry is deserving of one cent of public money. The chances that any of their graduates will find employment with the pitiful skills they will absorb is so close to zero that any gambler would call it that. The problem is everyone in the chain is corrupt or incompetent: the accrediting organizations, the politicians, the public education system that prepared these people so poorly, the schools themselves, and the parents who failed these children so miserably. With so many to blame and so many profiting, any solution is unlikely.

Been There