School bus dash camera captures semi nearly smashing little girl [VIDEO]

The semi passed on the shoulder at the same time the little girl was trying to board the bus.

The semi passed on the shoulder at the same time the little girl was trying to board the bus.

:::: UPDATE :::: The semi driver has turned himself in, the State Patrol announced late last night.

The Minnesota State Patrol is looking for a semi driver who nearly smashed a little girl boarding a school bus near Paynesville on May 30.

As the bus rolled to a stop to pickup the girl on Highway 23 that morning, the semi blew past its flashing lights and extended stop arm and passed on the right-hand shoulder just as the girl was approaching the bus from that side of the road.

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The video tells the story:

State Patrol spokesman Eric Roeske tells us witnesses weren't able to get the bus's license plate number, so the video was released in hopes someone might be able to discern something about the truck's driver.

"At a minimum [the hope] is to education the public as to why it's important to pay attention around buses," he says. "Some don't expect them to slow down and make stops."

The State Patrol is responsible for investigating all incidents involving school buses throughout Minnesota, Roeske tells us. Asked how often the patrol hears of incidents like this one, he responds, "We get a lot of calls on school bus stop-arm violations, but thankfully very few are as egregious as passing on the right with a child there, especially a semi."

"It's an incredibly dangerous situation," Roeske continues. "It's very, very fortunate that young lady stayed back from the roadway until it was safe to approach the bus."

Anyone with information about this incident or the semi is asked the call State Patrol Lieutenant Brian Reu at 651-405-6047.

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