School bully gets taste of own medicine... from a teacher


When a class bully started making fun of a girl's weight during a game of kickball, the substitute teacher took the matter into his own hands and fought back to make the boy stop. Unfortunately the teacher allegedly took it too far, choking and slapping the 12-year-old boy for his actions. So much for teaching this boy a lesson. Now he might realize his actions can land adults in legal trouble if he pushes them far enough.

Now the teacher faces fifth-degree assault and disorderly conduct charges and can't substitute teach. There are just so many teachable moments here we don't know where to start.

The incident happened in April at Long Prairie-Grey Eagle Middle School. According to accounts from other students who witnessed it, Chandler Langford was making fun of another student's weight while they were playing kickball in a vacant lot near the school. When the substitute teacher, 64-year-old Bruce Young, told him to stop, he didn't.

Young then allegedly assaulted the student to make him quit.

"He grabbed him around the neck and lifted him up off onto his tip toes like he was almost picking my son up by the neck," said Langford's father on WCCO. "He then slapped him across his face, not sure exactly how many times."

Young claims he tapped his fingers on Chandler's lips and asked him if he wanted to have his head dunked in a pond nearby or have his mouth washed out with soap. His lawyer says he was just trying to make the bully accountable for his words.

All seven students interviewed said Young grabbed Chandler and most said he slapped him on the face.

Watch the WCCO report here.