Scary Iowa schoolbus explosion caught on tape [VIDEO]

Every kid safely escaped the bus, which had turned into a fireball.

Every kid safely escaped the bus, which had turned into a fireball.

Anyone who rode the bus to school and thought it was  boring should take a look at this video and feel lucky it never got so exciting.

As a Des Moines public school bus was taking home 16 junior high students from their first day of school, the riders noticed smoke coming from around the steering wheel. A lot of smoke. The driver pulled over to the side of the road.

The kids poured off the bus. Moments later, as onlookers watched in horror from their front lawns -- BOOM! The front half of the bus exploded.

All of the kids made it out fine, thanks to a calm driver, and a couple very, very cool boys.


Listen for the moment during the second clip from this report, via Des Moines CBS affiliate KCCI, when one adult man can be heard to yell, "Oh, shit!" Normally it's not good to swear around little kids, but this seems a totally appropriate reaction in this case.

The two boys given credit for springing the door loose are Tim Morris and Robert Morris.

"It was very loud," Robert Morris told the TV station. "I was just trying to not panic, and stuff."

Okay, that's something of an understatement. But Robert Morris is a boy of action, not words.

Check out the terrifying cell phone video, with explosions, below.