Scary Highway 52 clip is why you don't drive right behind a dump truck [VIDEO]

MN State Patrol Facebook

MN State Patrol Facebook

The below dashcam video from the Minnesota State Patrol imposes a few stark conclusions upon a viewer.

1.) Don't drive right behind a dump truck would be one.

2.) If you must, be very mindful that something might fly off the back of the damn thing and hit your car. 

3.) Secure the load you're transporting, so none of it falls off and into traffic.

4.) Never, ever wrap the entirety of your car in heavy duty plastic.

Maybe you already knew this last part, which explains why the State Patrol previewed its video: "Well, that's something you don't see every day..." 

Roads would be much more interesting (and terrifying) if you did.

As the story goes, this driving was motor-vatin' down Highway 52 near Inver Grove Heights when he noticed loose plastic hanging off the back of the truck immediately in front of him. Anticipating the worst-case scenario, the driver slowed down... just in time to get his car completely covered. He somehow made it safely to the shoulder of the road, where a state trooper following close behind stopped to help him yank the plastic off. 

The dump truck, meanwhile, continued right on down the road, evidently unwitting to the chaos he'd just caused behind him.