Scary dashcam spinout clip is why we don't tailgate [VIDEO]


 Oh look it's warming up!

(No it's not.)

Oh it is again!

(Nope. Freezing again.)

This sort of up-and-down weather bounce repeated throughout January in the Twin Cities. On 14 days, two of them this week, the high temperature for the metro was at or above the 32 degrees freezing point, while the low was at or below. 

Those brief thaws feel good in your bones, but the freeze that follows wreaks havoc on the area's roads, leaving sporadic ice patches just waiting to throw an unsupecting driver's tires ALL THE WAY OVER THERE OH THAT'S THE OTHER LANE OH GOD NOW IT'S SPINNING DON'T LET BILL HAVE MY RECORD COLLECTION HE DOESN'T GET HOW MUCH THEY'RE WORTH.

As seen below.

We know little about the timing or provenance of this video, though it was posted to the internet on Wednesday, and a Reddit user says it was recorded by a friend traveling on "on 35" and "off Shingle Creek Parkway in Brooklyn Center."

And the perfectly synched-up Benny Hill-theme-from-the-future is identified as "Monody," by TheFatRat (ft. Laura Brehm). 

Which reminds us. This is why they say you should leave at least "three seconds" of space between you and the car in front of you. That's one second to recognize something's happening, another to switch to the best music for dodging cars, and a third to make sure your dashboard camera's on.