Scandal costs state Reps. Tim Kelly and Tara Mack Ethics Committee spots

But it's cool, the legislators say they love the police.

But it's cool, the legislators say they love the police.

According to a dead bearded guy with stone tablets, lying and committing adultery isn’t cool. While state Reps. Tim Kelly and Tara Mack haven’t formally copped to either, apparently no amount of rosaries could keep the scandal-entrenched lawmakers on the House Ethics Committee.

On Monday, the House Republicans busted for getting frisky in a parked car resigned from their (in retrospect) ironic posts policing ethics in the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Three weeks ago Kelly and Mack, who are married to other people, were pinched by a park ranger in Eagan’s Lebanon Hills Regional Park for causing a nuisance. According to the ranger’s report, he rolled up on the two fooling around in the parked car while Mack’s pants were “unzipped and down.” Kelly, of Red Wing, initially claimed they met to swap documents, not DNA.

Mack, a minister’s wife, accused the ranger of making “egregious and false statements” in his report, which was weirdly detailed enough to include the color of her undies (we’re not saying, pervs!). After calling the lawman a liar, Mack and Kelly paid their $260 tickets and opted against filing a complaint. In Monday statements, the alleged make-out buddies wrote that they think police are swell, but did not address their ethics committee exodus.

“After serious reflection on the last two weeks, I can say that I am disappointed in myself for the way I handled my disagreement with a park ranger,” wrote Kelly, who has family in law enforcement. “I reacted to this in an emotional way and certainly without respect and professionalism.”

“I understand that the Park Ranger was trying to do his job,” Mack, from Apple Valley, wrote. “I have the utmost respect for the work law enforcement does to keep Minnesotans safe and I apologize for offending these great men and women.”

Last week an email Dakota County Sheriff Tim Leslie sent to himself recapping convos with Mack became public. Leslie wrote that Mack initially called the ranger’s interruption “divine intervention,” but that she “changed her tune” after learning the “salacious” details were public.

House Speaker Kurt Daudt, R-Crown, announced that he and Majority Leader Joyce Peppin, R-Rogers, spoke with the two-timers over the weekend and “expressed our concerns.” Daudt wrote that Mack and Kelly voluntarily gave up their Ethics Committee spots, which will be filled by Reps. Paul Torkelson, R-Hanska, and Jenifer Loon, R-Eden Prairie.