Scabies outbreak cancels U of M ballroom classes

May I have this rash?
May I have this rash?
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It appears that members of the University of Minnesota Ballroom Dance Club have been dancing with the scars -- scabies scars, that is.

A week's worth of ballroom classes were canceled at Bierman Field Athletic Building this week after one member received the disturbing diagnosis.

Scabies are a kind of mite that tunnel into the skin, and cause itching and some pretty grody-looking rashes. Since it takes about a month for the symptoms to fully manifest themselves, the little critters have likely been with the club from the cha-cha on through to the rumba.

And yes, they are spread by person-to-person contact. As one club member put it, "You don't really think about scabies when you are waltzing with someone, and you certainly don't check their fingers." As it turns out, scabies also favor the bend of elbows and knees, the breasts and the penis. That'll take the innuendo right out of your tango.

The university's public health director says the outbreak is no big deal, and that they get about 10 cases of scabies every month. A dose of prescription insecticide and a round of laundry should clear it up, but the club is on a brief hiatus while its members obsessively shower and cry.

And then it's on to the foxtrot!

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