Saving Pi Bar: A donor's guide to rescuing a lesbian bar

Yesterday I posted information sent my way from Tara Yule, the owner of Pi Bar. In the letter Yule released, she documented the eatery/drinkery's monetary issues and noted that more than $100,000 had already been donated by patrons to chip away at the $600,000 needed to buy the building Pi occupies. Today Yule released a clarification of sorts about what the generous masses can expect from keeping the lesbian bar alive. The basics: donating will not make you part owner of the bar as hinted at in the initial e-mail. Pi is still going to close on Nov. 15 as planned. If enough cash is raised to buy the building, it will reopen. Finally, it's a cool place that should remain open because it fosters community and has cheap pool. Read the details straight from Yule below.


Thank you for the amazing response Pi Bar has received thus far. Pledges and donations are increasing by the hour. Not surprisingly, people have some questions about what these donations mean.

Question #1: What do I get? - Satisfaction of contributing to an important venue for our community.

Question #2: Am I buying a share in a property or a business? - No. These are donations, gifts without expectation of a tangible return.

Question #3: Joni said something about "community owned", what does she mean by that? - What she meant was, the end result would be that we all came together as a community to save a concept and a space for the whole community.

Question #4: If I give money, am I donating to a non-profit and is my donation tax-deductible? - No.

Question #5: What about VIP perks for contribution? - We want to be able to thank all donors. Some ideas for gifts might include VIP passes for free admission to events. It may include some drink tickets or special VIP only events. It may include some sort of commemorative display in the bar. Levels of donation are antithetical to Pi's philosophy. Any amount of gift will be appreciated and it is our intent to acknowledge all.

Question #5: What if not enough money is made to save the building, do I get my money back? - Yes. The checks are being kept in a secure place and will not be cashed if we cannot save the building. If you want your actual check back, please attach a note with the check.

Question #6: What will Pi be if the building is saved? - Pi will be much the same as it has grown to be. The culture and community will continue to grow. The work that we have done with the community will continue as long as Pi is in operation. Pi will still close Nov. 15th. If we can buy the building, we will reopen a short time later. We might spruce up the joint a little. We might rearrange our calendar and our hours slightly. Tara Yule will remain on in an administrative, managerial, and community building capacity. Many of the current staff will still be around. We will open with a renewed, strengthened, and expanded community vision.

Donations can be sent to:

Pi Bar 2532 25th Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55406

In response to the question of time frame for saving the building: It sounds like the closure on the 15th is a done deal, but if enough money is raised, it will re-open. I take this to mean the time frame is exceptionally tight.