Save some cash on your Thanksgiving meal


We don't want anyone skipping the best meal of the year because they can't afford it. An event over at the Ford plant in St. Paul's Highland Park will offer Thanksgiving food items for up to 50 percent off grocery store prices.

From the Pioneer Press:

The next public food distribution will be from 3 to 5 p.m. Wednesday. Fare For All Express, a co-op food-purchasing program that passes its savings directly to consumers, oversees the food distribution at different sites around the metro area each month. Sales at the Ford plant are at the company's training center.

There is no income limit for the meals.

Here is what you can get: For $17: a basic package of meat items, fresh fruit and vegetables. Normally $40 in a regular grocery store. For $25: The Thanksgiving package while includes a turkey and all of the fixings.

We'll keep an eye out for holiday deals in the next month. Everyone is feeling cash strapped these days, so why not save a little cash?