Sarah Shourd describes Shane Bauer's marriage proposal

Sarah Shourd wants Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal released from an Iranian prison.

Sarah Shourd wants Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal released from an Iranian prison.

Shane Bauer is still stuck in a miserable Iranian prison with his friend Josh Fattal, held on spy charges ahead of a February trial.

But if the Minnesota native and freelance journalist ever gets out, he intends to marry Sarah Shourd. She and the two men were hiking in the mountains between Iraq and Iran in July 2009 when they were detained by Iranian authorities.


Bauer proposed to her while she was still imprisoned; she was released in September. And she's revealed to Newsweek how he popped the question:

Shane came out to the courtyard alone. He asked if I'd marry him. I was kind of tongue-tied. I said something like "It would be an honor," then I realized that was a silly thing to say. We've been in this for so long, it's hard to imagine what it's going to feel like when we're not carrying this burden around. The day of our wedding [will be] a symbol of that.

In the interview she also debunks the idea, carried in media reports all over the world, and here, that she was released for health reasons.

They said they were releasing me on humanitarian grounds because I'm a woman and because I was in solitary confinement. So my sentence was harsher.

Q: It had nothing to do with the lump in your breast?

No. That's been in the media. Everyone ran with it.

Shourd has agitated constantly for Bauer 's and Fattal's release since winning her own freedom. That journey brought her to a meeting at the U.N. in September with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. His advice: Be patient.

"That word doesn't have meaning," she said.