Sarah Palin plays political football with Iran hostages in inscrutable Twitter rant

Shane Bauer can't count on Mama Grizzly.

Shane Bauer can't count on Mama Grizzly.

We can probably all agree that a public Twitter account isn't the best place to shoot for nuance in U.S. diplomatic relations. But that didn't stop U.S. State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley.

We also can't be too surprised that Sarah Palin would pick apart his words and feed them into the meat grinder of political spin.


As part of a more than year-long effort to win the release of Minnesota native Shane Bauer and his friend Josh Fattal from captivity in Iran, he wished president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a happy birthday, and suggested he send Bauer and Fattal home.

That was post was quickly followed by:

Out spouted Mama Grizzly with this nugget, devoid of any context or reality because, well, those things just don't jive with egomania:

Here's the thing: Whatever the State Department is really doing behind the scenes, it can't be all bad. Sarah Shourd, held captive along with Bauer and Fattal, was recently released without America resorting to Shock and Awe.


Meanwhile, Palin's scratching her bear necessities for national attention, and doing it at the expense of two American citizens, including a Minnesotan, being held as pawns by the government in Tehran.

Nice going.