Sarah Palin once dressed as Tina Fey for Halloween

Sarah Palin once dressed as Tina Fey for Halloween

During Todd Palin's visit to Minnesota yesterday, the Alaska "First Dude" said the hoopla about Sarah Palin's lookalike is old news. Tina Fey, who finally brought viewers back to Saturday Night Live, has been so spot-on with her impersonations that some newspapers have mistaken her for Palin.

But during an interview with the Pioneer Press columnist Bob Sansevere, Todd Palin says his wife had played off their similarities well before.

BS: I understand that one Halloween your wife dressed up like Tina Fey. Who did you dress up like that year?

TP: I can't remember exactly. It may be one of those years I was working on the slopes. (He has worked for BP in Alaska's North Slope oil fields as a production manager and production operator.) She's been imitating Tina Fey longer than Tina Fey has been imitating her.

Word on the street is that Sarah Palin could be the most popular Halloween costume this year. So will you go as Sarah Palin as herself or Sarah Palin as Tina Fey? Decisions decisions.

Don't forget to catch Sarah Palin's actual appearance on SNL this weekend. We're guessing viewers will demand Tina Fey comes back.

And in case you missed the first Tina Fey skit:

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