Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann together at last on the stump

The mind reels. Sarah Palin will come to Minnesota in April to campaign for Michele Bachmann's bid to retain her 6th District seat in Congress.

We saw this coming, of course. Why else would we have morphed Bachmann's head and Palin's body into one wonderful cover illustration? Made for each other, those two.

Failed vice presidential candidate Palin, who quit her job as Alaska's governor so she could hit the road and rake in cash as a book author and Fox News talking head, last showed up here in December. Her acolytes lined up for hours outside the Mall of America for an audience with their heroine. She almost signed a copy of our cover story on Bachmann. One guy threw tomatoes. What ever happened to that guy?

And Bachmann? CNN's wingnut of the year she mostly shows up on Fox News these days, or leads rabid teabaggers in D.C. rallies where she says the president wants to kill grannies and turn America into a socialist state. Heck, even her loyal constituents wonder whether she spends a little too much time vamping for the GOP everywhere.

Palin-Bachmann in 2012? Why not. They're getting used to each other. Palin signed a copy of her book for Bachmann. Both made PolitiFact's "lie of the year" roster. They're both booked for a teabagger convention.

We're checking to see if Fox News is setting up a campaign headquarters -- er, sorry, satellite newsroom -- somewhere near St. Cloud. Stay tuned.

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