Sarah Palin endorses Julianne Ortman while calling Al Franken "a Big Fat Liberal"

Sarah Palin shaking hands with MNGOP Sen. Julianne Ortman at MoA

Sarah Palin shaking hands with MNGOP Sen. Julianne Ortman at MoA

Sarah Palin announced her support today for Julianne Ortman, the MNGOP senator who's hoping to step up to Al Franken in a race that the former Alaska governor is calling "The Clown vs. the Mama Grizzly."

In making her endorsement, Palin also took shots at Ortman's leading Republican rival, Mike McFadden, a businessman whom she called a "well-funded favorite of the Washington GOP establishment whose policy is a blank slate." Back in January, McFadden reported to have raised $1.7 million for the campaign, an amount that dramatically exceeded the other GOP contenders.

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Sarah PAC posted the endorsement in two places and couldn't get
it straight whether Ortman had worked to plug a deficit of $5 billion or
$6 billion while heading a state senate tax committee. At least one
thing the Palin crowd is sure of: "Julianne is a fighter for life and for our
Second Amendment rights" who ran "a successful legal practice" that
fought on behalf of small businesses. Oh, and:

Al Franken's career has been a joke; we all know this. The biggest joke of
all though is not funny at all because the American people are the punch
line. This joke? The fact that Franken has voted 100% (!) of the time
with Barack Obama. This just proves what we already knew - Al Franken is
a Big Fat Liberal.

The urge to parody Franken's book -- Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot -- behind her, Palin then turned her attention to Franken's famous SNL character, Stuart Smalley.

Let's make this proven conservative the one to take the
fight to Al Franken this fall and make him the punch line. Julianne
Ortman is the choice. She is good enough, she is smart enough, and
doggone it, people like her!

Representatives of Ortman's, McFadden's, and Franken's campaigns have not returned our messages seeking comment.

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