Sarah Mikesell, school bus driver, texts with kid on bus [VIDEO]

Sarah Mikesell, hands free.
Sarah Mikesell, hands free.
Screen grab: Fox 9.

Wabasha school bus driver Sarah Mikesell just couldn't help herself. She was nearing the end of her run, with one child left to drop off, when she reached for her smartphone.

Dumb move -- especially since a security camera caught the whole episode. At one point she can be seen with both hands off the wheel and on her keypad.

What a lame excuse she offered to Fox 9 when a reporter came calling: "I'm not a bad person. I'm just like everybody else," said Mikesell. "I just got caught."

She's not like anyone else, of course. She drives a bus filled with kids whose parents trust her to keep everyone safe. Maybe she's not a bad person, but she made a seriously bad choice.

She didn't get in an accident that day, but she did later while driving her own car.


Investigators: Bus Driver Texts on Video:

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