Sarah Jarosz delivers brass-knuckle beat down to rival for boyfriend

Maybe we shouldn't say this, out of consideration for law enforcement folks, but for goodness sakes people, if you're going to break the law, leave the darned video camera at home, and keep your cell phone in your pocket. Concentrate on the task at hand, and then consign it to memory -- the kind of memory that can't be accessed by a forensics expert.

And if you don't think that's good advice, just ask Sarah Jean Jarosz and her pal Steven Michael Boyer.

The two of them are in a whole heap of trouble for a dumb move back in March.

Jarosz, you see, posed as the guy she thought of as her boyfriend by using his filched cell phone, and texted a 19-year-old female rival for the guy's affections. Let's take in a movie, the Elk River fakester suggested. Sure, the 19-year-old replied.

They agreed to meet by Little Elk Lake in Sherburne County. Only when the 19-year-old arrived, the guy was nowhere to be found. Instead there was a small crowd invited by Jarosz, who was armed with some brass knuckles. She proceeded to beat the tar out of her romantic rival.

And of course somebody whipped out a video camera; a dumb move made dumber because the camera's operator thought that hitting the "delete" button meant scrubbing the file from the camera.

So now, after the Secret Service recovered the video at the request of Sheriff Joel Brott, Jarosz and Boyer have been charged with second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon.

Boyer -- who is not the boyfriend in question -- came into the equation because he's said to have supplied Jarosz with the brass knuckles, and then disposed of them later.

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