Sarah Jane Olson up for parole, might head to St. Paul

Sarah Jane Olson, the 1970s radical who settled in St. Paul and hid out for nearly 25 years after participating in a deadly bank robbery, is scheduled to be released from a California prison next week. Authorities think she'll head to Minnesota.

After her participation with the Symbionese Liberation Army, a radical group famous for its capture of Patty Hearst, Olson settled in Minnesota. She married and had children and became a quiet community volunteer. In 1999, a tip on "America's Most Wanted" led to her arrest.

Here's more from the Associated Press:

In addition to the attempting bombings and the Hearst kidnapping, the SLA had a long list of high-profile crimes during the mid-1970s, including the assassination of an Oakland schools superintendent and the shotgun slaying of Myrna Opsahl, a 42-year-old mother of four who was depositing a church collection at a bank near Sacramento when the group robbed it.

Olson was in the bank during that 1975 heist, which netted the SLA $15,000.

After her 1999 arrest, she pleaded guilty to the attempted bombings of the police cars and the death of Opsahl.

Olson was mistakenly released early last year, and was headed for Minnesota when corrections officers returned her to prison.

Police leagues in Los Angeles and Minnesota object to having her paroled to Minnesota. Both have written to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, urging him to have Olson serve her parole in California, where her crimes were committed.

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