Sara Peck, whose bong water made Minnesota famous, sentenced

When the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled last October that bong-water qualified a controlled substance, the rest of the country had a good laugh. Did the justices really think people were recreationally drinking and injecting pipe-sludge? What was next? Would the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms start regulating spittoon juice?

But what ended up happening to the woman whose bong-water launched a thousand punch-lines? Sarah Peck, a 47-year-old Faribault resident, was initially charged in 2008 with possession with intent to sell after a police raid on her home found traces of meth in her bong-water.

Lower courts initially ruled that the liquid in question should be considered paraphernalia, but after the Supreme Court ruled that Peck could be charged based on the weight of the liquid, her case was sent back to district court. She pleaded guilty in December, and was sentenced March 2 to a year in jail, with six months of the sentence suspended.

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