Sara Benincasa takes on Michele Bachmann with Aveeno

Why would anyone call this woman a wingnut?

Why would anyone call this woman a wingnut?

Move over Tina Fey. There's a new comedian poking fun at crazy conservative women: Sara Benincasa is taking on Michele Bachmann.

In a new online video, all bug-eyed and putting on a decent Minnesota accent, she stares into the camera and asks, "Some people want to know is it true did I say that not all cultures are equal in 2005 during a congressional debate. Yah. I did. I believe in what I said 100 percent."

Bachmann did indeed say it, conflating riots in Paris with Muslim culture at a 6th Congressional District debate sponsored by the Taxpayers League.

"Lets start with the Muslims," Benincasa says in character.

"If you've ever been in a cab with a Muslim person, in Los Angels or Chicago or New York or some other pace where they have means of conveyance that are powered by people of brown skin from frightening cultures, you'll know that a Muslim man has a distinct odor that's very different from a white person's smell.

"I don't quite know how to explain it, except to say that it smells like a mixture of BO and something in the back of your spice cabinet. You know, like turmeric or something."

A better culture? One in which an angel shows up one winter day with some Aveeno, "When I'm walking around on my farm, singing spirituals to myself, and hymns in a language I speak on my own."

"'You are the chosen one,' it said."

"I took the Aveeno, spread it all over my winter skin and began shaking as if in some spiritually induced fury. I rolled down the hill covered in snow. And at the bottom I sat up and vomited all over myself. And that's when I said, 'I can really make a difference in Washington. So there ya go."

Not sure what the Aveeno reference is all about. But here's Benincasa:

And here's Bachmann in 2006: