Santa gets a tan: the North Pole is melting

Rudolph's nose is about to get a lot redder: scientists say that the North Pole could briefly lose all its ice this summer. According to senior researcher Mark Serreze from the National Snow and Ice Data Center, via CNN:

It's a 50-50 bet that the thin Arctic sea ice, which was frozen last autumn, will completely melt away at the geographic North Pole, Serreze said.

The ice retreated to a record level in September when the Northwest Passage -- the sea route through the Arctic Ocean -- opened up briefly for the first time in recorded history.

"What we've seen through the past few decades is the Arctic sea ice cover is becoming thinner and thinner as the system warms up," Serreze said.

What does this mean? Is it global warming? Quick! Someone ask a weatherman!

No, not that weatherman, this weatherman.

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