Santa doesn't want to catch H1N1 from your kid


If your kid is sneezing, coughing and generally sick, keep him away from Santa. Just think of all of the children who won't get presents Christmas morn if Santa is stuck in the Emergency Room with an epic fever. Maybe then you'll feel a little guilty, right?

Santas around the country are preparing for the horror of the holiday season: plenty of children cuddling up close to them, crying, spitting and puking while they mutter out all the presents they want. Give Santa a break.

Joe Morin (Santa) lives in Cambridge, Minn., but travels out to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to be a natural beard Santa at Bass Pro Shops. He says more than 10,000 kids will sit on his lap this season. That's a lot of H1N1 up in your beard. Watch the KARE11 report here:


His plan: Sanitize his hands after every visit with a kid and wiping his face with baby wikes a couple times an hour. He says some Santas are even leaving the red coats at home. How come? They fear the big furry mess will harbor germs and are hard to wash if a kid sneezes or throws up. Ick.

Elves also have a new job this year: Prescreening kiddos for the flu. Kids who are coughing and sneezing will be turned away.

Santa Joe Morin understands the pain of a kid who doesn't get to see Santa. That's why is trying to offer as many kids as he can a visit in their homes. He's going to try and Skype with children whenever he can so they can tell him their Christmas list. He'll be doing it Nov. 10 until Christmas.

Want Santa to visit you via Web cam? Email him here. Sick kids get priority. If you're just a germaphobe, get over it.