Santa arrested for drunk driving in Wisconsin

Bad santa.
Bad santa.

Everything is a little drunker in Wisconsin -- even Santa Claus, apparently.

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A Madison-area Santa was pulled over after running into an idling sheriff's vehicle on Saturday night, and turns out he'd had a little too much eggnog.

From The Capital Times:

John B. Schuster, 69, was in a Santa costume and returning from a holiday party when the crash occurred at about 7:30 p.m. Saturday, the Dane County Sheriff's Office stated...

Schuster's vehicle rear-ended an unmarked sheriff's office SUV that was stopped as a deputy was trying to slow traffic due to a previous crash involving injuries. The deputy was sitting in the SUV with emergency lights on when the crash occurred on Highway K east of Highway Q in the town of Westport...

He was arrested for his alleged 4th offense of operating while intoxicated.

Despite Santa's naughty behavior, presents at our household seemed to be delivered down the chimney without a hitch on Christmas Eve night. Santa -- or whoever was standing in for him -- even ate some of the cookie we left, though after reading about his arrest we opted to leave some milk rather than the usual glass of brandy to wash it down.

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