Sandy Hook resident offers to fly Bob Davis to Newtown so he can repeat "go to hell" remark [UPDATE]

It's all fun and laughs until somebody asks you to put your money where your mouth is.
It's all fun and laughs until somebody asks you to put your money where your mouth is.

On the April 12 installment of AM 1130's Davis & Emmer show, Bob Davis said he'd stand in front of people affected by the Sandy Hook massacre who are now gun control advocates and tell them, "go to hell."

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Davis initially refused to apologize (see update below) for that extremely callous remark, so one Sandy Hook resident wants to see if he's really willing to walk the walk. He's contacted Davis and offered to pay to fly him out to Connecticut so he can actually tell families affected by Newtown to go to hell to their faces.

You'll be surprised to learn that Davis hasn't responded.

From a Star Tribune op-ed written by Sandy Hook resident Brad Greene and published yesterday:

I find Davis' comments insensitive and in extremely poor taste, but acknowledge that he is entitled to express his opinion. My question is whether he has the courage to crawl out from behind the safety of his studio and microphone and repeat his words in front of victims of gun violence. Would he have the courage to look people in the eye, tell them to deal with their tragedy, tell them that his liberty is more important than their loss, and tell them to go to hell?

Recently, I sent Davis an e-mail offering to pay his travel expenses to Newtown to stand in front of people and repeat the words he said on the radio. It is no surprise that he has not responded to my offer.

At a time when so many people across the country are joining to support one another in times of tragedy, it is disgraceful that Davis would use his platform in such a divisive manner. I feel strongly that words matter and that Davis' comments are an embarrassment to the good city of Minneapolis.

I hope people there will tune him out and let his station and sponsors know that there is no place for his brand of vitriolic discourse.

It should also be noted that a woman living in the United Kingdom has created a petition demanding that Davis apologize, meaning his comment has officially outraged people throughout the world.

:::: UPDATE ::::

It has been brought to our attention that Davis finally apologized for his Newtown remark late last week.

On his show, Davis characterized his remark as an "inappropriate comment" and said he "did not mean to criticize the families of the victims... I want to offer my most sincere and total apology to all the families for any further pain those words may have caused."

The Star Tribune reports that AM 1130 officials won't say whether Davis was disciplined.

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