Samuel L. Jackson is out here scooping cat poop for Angie Craig [VIDEO]

If Samuel L. Jackson can be bothered to do this, what are you doing?

If Samuel L. Jackson can be bothered to do this, what are you doing? Twitter

The scene opens on celebrated actor Samuel L. Jackson. He is sitting in what appears to be a dimly lit kitchen, wearing rubber gloves, and making delicate work of scooping out a litterbox.

“This,” he says, gesturing, “isn’t just a kitty commode. This is Angie Craig’s kitty commode.”

Yes, he says, the same Angie Craig who is running for Congress in November, aiming to represent Minnesota’s 2nd District in the suburbs southwest of the Twin Cities. The same Angie Craig, most Minnesotans watching will know, who is going toe-to-toe, for the second time, with former conservative radio pundit and current GOP U.S. Rep. Jason Lewis.

So what brings Jackson’s attention to Minnesota? And, in the rich fiction of the ad, to Craig’s cat?

“With the midterms only days away,” as the beloved star of films such as Pulp Fiction and every Marvel movie with Nick Fury in it says, Craig is busy pounding the campaign trail, shaking hands, and trying to sway minds and hearts.

“Which is why I’m here,” he says, “scooping out bits of kitty… treasure… for her.”

He upends a scoop of sandy turds into a wastebasket.

“It’s really important that Angie wins, so that the Democrats can take back the House, and I’d do anything to help her,” he says. He casts a sidelong glance into the litterbox. “Anything,” he insists.

Jackson starred in the ad for Swing Left, a “grassroots movement” that formed in the wake of the 2016 election with the express goal of turning the House blue. Minnesota, especially its swing districts, is considered a coveted prize for both parties. The high-wattage national spotlight is shining directly on pockets of Minnesota: northern, southern, and outter-ring suburbs.

And Jackson seems more than willing to get his hands – well, gloves -- dirty. “I got lots of shit to deal with,” he tweeted, “but I don’t mind helping out Angie Craig – this election is THAT important.”

This seems to be one of the season's few political ads that doesn't make people want to tear out their hair and die. Most of the commenters on the post seemed delighted. One even asked Jackson to do the same thing for a candidate for Maryland’s gubernatorial seat. In fact, Jackson has done another ad where he’s supposedly on hold with a cable guy for Colin Allred, a Democratic candidate for Texas’s 32nd District.

It’s a fun premise with a deadpan message. If Samuel L. Jackson can be bothered to film a funny clip for a district far away from where he lives, you can be bothered to get off your ass and vote.