Sammy Henderson allegedly murdered woman during intercourse [MUGSHOT]

Sammy Henderson
Sammy Henderson

Sammy Henderson, 24, has been charged with second-degree murder for allegedly strangling Sherell Craighead to death while having intercourse with her over the weekend.

Henderson told authorities Craighead, 30, was a regular casual sex partner of his. He admitted to putting his hand around her neck while the two had intercourse on Saturday night or Sunday morning that began consensually, but culminated in rape. He denied, however, that his conduct could've caused her injuries.

Craighead's lifeless body was found by her 7-year-old son Sunday morning. The charging document details the very graphic death scene:

A Star Tribune report details what Henderson told authorities:

Henderson turned himself into police on Monday, telling them he and Craighead had regular, casual sex. He was repeatedly evasive with authorities and initially denied getting "physical" with her. Henderson also tried to shift blame on Craighead, calling her a "drama queen" and telling police she flung herself against walls and caused her own injuries, the complaint said.

Under questioning by Sgt. Jake Peterson, Henderson eventually told police he forced anal sex on Craighead on Saturday even though it caused her pain and she told him to stop, the complaint said.

"Sergeant Peterson asked, 'But you never grabbed her neck tightly, right?' Henderson replied, 'No - not super tight,' " the charges said.

Henderson told authorities that after he finished having raping her, he laid Craighead on her bed "softly" and got up.

"He let her go and she 'just hit the bed' and let out a short grunt without saying anything else," the charging document says. "Henderson said she was right on the edge of the bed and thought she could have rolled off of it when he heard the thump."

The Strib reports that medical examiners determined Craighead's death was a homicide caused by asphyxia due to manual strangulation.

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