Same creep cyber-stalks 'dozens' of women at three Fargo-Moorhead colleges

Concordia College is the only of the three colleges that hasn't banned this serial stalker.

Concordia College is the only of the three colleges that hasn't banned this serial stalker.

The most prolific internet creep in the western Minnesota area is still at large.

His list of college-aged victims is growing, and their schools are starting to take note. 

North Dakota State University and Minnesota State University Moorhead have banned from campus a man accused of cyber-stalking "dozens" of women. The same man is also accused of harassing women at Concordia College in Moorhead.

The man's identity remains a secret to the broader public, but he's identified as a "former college student" in this story from WDAY, the ABC affiliate in Fargo. That report says the same guy might be responsible for bullying and threatening "up to 50" victims. 

The man's behavior tends to follow a familiar pattern: He starts off friendly, and tries making (online) conversation with a woman he's interested in, but doesn't actually know. When she inevitably resists, and asks to be left alone, his tone turns angry. 

A couple women produced screenshots showing the man had threatened to sue them "for slander" after they'd turned him down, proving he's deficient in his understanding of more laws than one.

Police in Moorhead, where most of the alleged incidents have occurred -- some 30 women claiming harassment attend Moorhead State -- confirmed to the Fargo Forum that they're investigating a series of complaints from college students in that area, but wouldn't speculate when or if those findings would be submitted to a prosecutor. 

The perpetrator has been banned from NDSU's campus in Fargo since as far back as September 27. His list of stalked students there stands at five. 

If Concordia College has blocked him, it's not saying; a spokesperson referred all questions to police. 

WDAY tried to speak with the man in question this week, but found on Tuesday that he'd deleted his Facebook page.