Salvia, a very interesting legal hallucinogen, once again in lawmakers' cross hairs


Salvia divinorum, a perfectly legal hallucinogen that inspires very brief and intense trips, is once again in state lawmakers' cross hairs. For the third session in a row, a bill is on the table that would criminalize possession and sale of the psychedelic mint, which, by the way, is readily available at finer head shops across the metro.

We researched (smoked) Salvia when it first attracted legislators' attention two years ago. You can read a detailed account of its effects here. Long story short: the trip incapacitates the user for five to ten minutes and effectively dissolves the ego/self. (We turned into an easy chair). When we subsequently called the bill's author, DFLer Rep. Joe Atkins, and asked him he'd like to smoke with us or, barring that, observe firsthand the effects (seemed sensible that you'd want to research something before banning it), he politely declined. Note to Rep. Atkins: That offer still stands.