Salvation Army: Door-to-door house-call a hoax

A woman has been going door-to-door in south Minneapolis in search of "donations" requested in the name of the Salvation Army, but the supposedly charitable house-call is a hoax.

The woman's pitch: Do-gooders would be helping out a family who was recently a victim of a house fire.

According to the organization, "The Salvation Army DOES NOT solicit funds door to door."

Maj. Darryl Leedom, the Salvation Army's Twin Cities commander, spoke to the Strib on the matter:

"We are grateful for the phone call we received from a community member alerting us to this situation,"  "It is always disappointing when someone takes advantage of the compassion and empathy of others to commit a crime."

In positive news, Leedom said that, possibly due to the warm weather of late, kettle-ringing volunteerism is on the rise this year.