Salli Schultz charged with murder in baby's death

Schultz is charged with murder, and operating a daycare without a license.

Salli Schultz has been charged with murder in the death of an eight-month-old baby she was supposed to be taking care of.

Schultz, of Lindstrom, was watching Brooke Kowarsch on Jan. 19 when the baby suffered a traumatic brain injury that led to her death several days later. Kowarsch's death was ruled a homicide, and now Schultz is facing a second-degree murder charge.

Schultz is also charged with running a daycare without a license.

Schultz, 42, told investigators she had heard a banging sound come from the Brooke's crib at the time of injury, and assumed the baby had hit her foot.  Schultz checked Brooke, decided she was all right and let her take a nap.

When Schultz went in a half-hour later, Brooke was crying and something seemed wrong, Schultz told police, saying "she didn't seem like she was really awake."

After calling Kurt Kowarsch, Brooke's father, Schultz dialed 911. When paramedics arrived they didn't find any sign of injures to Brooke, and thought her behavior might be explained by a flu bug.

At the hospital, doctors discovered the baby had bleeding on the brain. After three seizures at the hospital, Brooke went into surgery, but couldn't be saved.

Despite her not having a license, Schultz told police she'd been watching kids for 20 years. At the time of the injuries to Brooke Kowarsch, other children Schultz was watching were also in the house, but Schultz was the only adult present. In interviews with police, Schultz denied hurting Kowarsch either intentionally or by accident.

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