Saints give away souvenir cups... for your balls


Minnesota Public Radio's Bob Collins pointed us to yet another clever (and ridiculous) St. Paul Saints baseball giveaway for an upcoming game. You probably have a good stash of souvenir cups from baseball games, but this one isn't meant to hold beverages. Let's just say I can happily pass along this souvenir. It's a cup... for your balls.

The St. Paul Saints are hoping you'll have a ball with this giveaway. It's all the support you'll ever need in tough times.

From the Saints release:

"This year's been a kick in the shorts for many hard-working Americans," said Saints President Mike Veeck. "This is the least we could do."

"We wanted to do a memorable giveaway that would help people in these tough times," he said. "We thought about a batting helmet, but clearly people haven't been using their heads for a while, so we figured this was the next best thing to help people defend their futures. We're going to find out if people see the world with a cup half full, or a cup half empty."

The first 2,500 fans (ladies and gents) at the July 27 game against the Sioux Falls Canaries get the ball protection. Race you there!