Safe Haven for Individuals in Danger

Family & Children's Service (FCS), a local not-for-profit service agency, has become the first organization to join the new community bases Safe Haven effort in Hennepin County. A Safe Haven is identified by a posted sticker that reads: "If you are in a scary or dangerous situation and need to get help, you may use our telephone to call a domestic violence program or the police." These stickers can be posted at businesses, office buildings, schools, churches, or any other community areas. "Together, we can send a message that there is support for those experiencing domestic violence and continue working for a community free from violence and abuse," said FCS President, Terrence Steeno.

As the lead-coordinating agency of the Initiative for Violence-Free Families, Family & Children's Service is invested in supporting the Initiative's mission of ending violence in families and communities. By posting the Safe Haven stickers, FCS has agreed to assist those in immediate danger in getting help. All four branches of the agency, which are located in downtown Minneapolis, Lake Street, Bloomington, and Brooklyn Park are now identified as Safe Havens.

Make public space safe space by posting a Safe Haven sticker in your community.

To receive a Safe Haven sticker and a set of business-sized cards with metro-area domestic violence resource phone numbers, please call Sarah Johnson at the Initiative for Violence-Free Families at (612) 341-1605.

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